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Albourne Village, a virtual hedge fund community with over 80,000 active residents, is a free and independent website for anyone interested in alternative investments. It incorporates a virtual pub and library to exchange news, views and IP, a job centre, conference centre and School. The Village is also home to a vast number of established industry contacts.


Don't just join the Village, be the Village.


MicroCapital publishes the MicroCapital Monitor, a monthly digest of microfinance news, and daily updates at Since 2005, we have been covering news, events, research summaries and rotating special features. As microfinance is an emerging industry with a legacy of charity, objective news with a business orientation is scarce. MicroCapital seeks to counter this scarcity by providing candid information on microfinance with the goal of encouraging rational growth of the industry. 


Blassys … the Microenterprise eMagazine, is an online publication about microfinance and microenterpreneurs’ efforts, gains, and challenges. Our goal is to inform, educate, and entertain by bringing to our readers universal spectrum of ideas on Microfinance as well as thoughtful opinions by practitioners, scholars, professionals and of course, the microenterpreneurs.  

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Hedge Fund Alert delivers the early intelligence you need to anticipate risks and opportunities facing fund-management firms, their investors and service providers. See for yourself how the newsletter tips you off to important industry developments you won't learn about anywhere else. See for yourself...

The Microfinance Association “MA” is a non-profit professional membership organisation registered in the United Kingdom. It is a membership organisation for practitioners in the microfinance industry. The MA is dedicated to the development and promotion of the microfinance sector. It is a centre of professional excellence, and an international focal point for ideas formulation and information gathering. It is an association that belongs to the microfinance industry. Our membership is for individuals working within the Microfinance sector. We are an international organisation and encourage microfinance practitioners from Europe,Sub-Saharan Africa, Far East, Latin America, Asia, North America, Middle EastZ